When you make a reseration, please let us know what type of massage Beijing we supplied you want to have and what’s the time you want in beijing massage.
Modern Chinese massage(beijing massage)
This is the traditional Chinese medicine theory and the modern medicine theory fuses in together innovation technique, to shoulder backache, overtired, the neurasthenia, and so on has the extremely good effect, in addition precious volatile oil, romantic fragrant, makes honored you to be able to obtain the unexpected joy , distributes after the shiatsu massage in body's acupuncture point, reflects to the nerve, stimulates body's various part, has the promotion health and the relieve fstigue the effect. treatment will calm your mind and make you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed in both body and mind. It is followed by a gentle flowing and nurturing body massage, which is beneficial for improving your blood circulation and skin texture.
Full body oil massage
Massage Therapists slide over skin with palm, elbow and fingers etc to make essential oil permeate skin and reach body, and then improve blood circulation, strengthen regeneration of cell, dispel toxin and adjust body function, accelerate metabolism and release your nervous body.
Thai massage
Thai is a traditional massage which stimulates the points with a healing touch therefore,the points suffer less stress,and life's energy is allowed to freely circulate.It aims to harmonize the body,to loosen blocks,and to recoup deficiencies along the energy lines.Thai massage will strengthen you physically and harmonize your energy soa new life experience can arise.
Balinese massage
This section of relaxation body's and mind's massage has been inherited several generations, uses the palm pressure, rubs pinches and unifies the acupoint therapy and the foot massage. Can reduce the muscles ache. Improvement energy flowing. Therefore achieves promotes the new metabolism, strongs and healthy body the effect.

If you have a legitimate place to get a good massage in Beijing, please leave it below. However, numbers for other services will not be accepted. Sometime I’ll get around to compiling a list of places to get massages in Beijing, and a list of massage vocabulary so you can make sure you’re getting what you want and not something extra. Best of luck in getting a nice, relaxing, and legitimate massage in Beijing. While both Chinese and Thai massage will leave the person being massaged much more relaxed and comfortable, the Thai massage is less painful and even more soothing. A good massage will leave you in a sleep like state. This comes with its price, however, as Thai massage is a bit more expensive than Chinese massage in Beijing. Beijing Massage Recommendations
Please tell us your true name,current telephone or cell phone number,the room number,and the address of your hotel or your apartment.These informations are necessary for the masseuse to arrive your place quickly.In addition, every time after we arrange somebody for you, we will call you back to confirm it.
a. chinese massage 198rmb/45mins
b. tai massage 298rmb/60mins
c. japanese massage 299rmb/70mins
d. oil massage 300rmb/80mins
e. sport massage 500rmb/90mins
f. romantic service 800rmb/1700rmb
g. full service 900rmb-----------
(Call us when you get taxi, we will tell the full address to taxi driver and the driver will take you to the exact place)
TEL: 17080187168 (24 hours) Email:zhouli5168@126.com
Beijing massage center can pay Us$ pounds euro yen Hk$ Rmb
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