beijing massage and escort center provide beijing body/oil massage was established in 2006, after more than three years of painstaking, from the past a mini-health club and developed into today beginning to take shape in the community enjoy a high reputation in health care chain club.
beijing Massage health services, clubs have a beautiful young woman more than technicians, 24 hours a day for you to provide on-site health services. Whether you live in beijing, or to beijing travel and tourism; Whether you're in their own homes or in hotels, guesthouses, just a phone, so you staying at home and will be able to enjoy our full range of health services to relieve your body and mind fatigue, relieve fatigue, your health, so you have a sweet, relaxed, comfortable night. No matter what type you prefer, we can meet your requirements!! Still hesitant what? Quickly pick up the phone Contact us now! ! !
The core idea is that the health club culture (healthy body and positive attitude to life, good living habits), according to different periods and different social and cultural environment of people's health awareness and health behavior differences, using a new concept of health through medical treatment and health care division to distinguish, the focus on promoting prevention through science to achieve the health and comfort purposes. Club tide of the times, the technician put forward new requirements: set of psychology, nutrition, health science, Chinese medicine, nursing, massage school for one's health experts in beijing, beijing's elite and foreign industries to provide professional home health services.
With the rapid development of the times, it is the overall quality of the service industry, increasingly stringent requirements, and gradually to the internationalization of the merger of the China Health Care Association was established, but also for the healthy development of the club opened up a broader ground. Club not only requires the technician to strive for excellence in skills, regular group training, strict examination, but also actively develop the health technician superior sense of service. We firmly believe that: "there is no best, only better", your comfortable and satisfied smile is our pursuit and tireless efforts of the rapid development of power and a source! :Service Process
Please tell us your true name,current telephone or cell phone number,the room number,and the address of your hotel or your apartment.These informations are necessary for the masseuse to arrive your place quickly.In addition, every time after we arrange somebody for you, we will call you back to confirm it.
(Call us when you get taxi, we will tell the full address to taxi driver and the driver will take you to the exact place)
TEL: 17080187168(同微信) (24 hours)
Beijing massage center can pay Us$ pounds euro yen Hk$ Rmb
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